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How Sensor Lights Can Save You Money

Have you given much thought to the energy costs of lighting? Your home’s lighting contributes 10% of your electricity usage, according to Energy Rating. For commercial properties, this rises to 18-40%! Finding ways to reduce the energy your lighting uses is a great way to trim down your electricity bill. Sensor lights are one way many people claim to make energy savings, but do they actually save you money?

Sensor Light Energy Usage

Most motion sensor lights use infrared, or heat energy to detect movement. Humans, and mammals in general, have a warmer temperature than their surroundings. So when they pass the motion sensor light’s field of view, it detects this and the motion sensor light switch turns on for a set time.

A photocell detects light and deactivates the sensor light during the day when it is not needed. Installing a motion-activated sensor light means saying goodbye to those annoying light switches!

By only turning on when triggered by movement, the idea is that you’ll only be using the motion sensor’s light on an as-need-basis. No longer will you be forgetting to turn the light switches off as you leave a room, wasting energy and money.

In order to sense motion, there is a “phantom” energy always running in the background – standby mode. When it senses motion, the light switches to an active mode where the light is on. This phantom energy is less intensive than the energy required in active mode. It is more energy, however, than is required for a light that has been turned off at the light switch.

As such, motion sensor lights are best suited to rooms where lights are infrequently turned on and the lights switches are often forgotten to be turned off. These rooms typically have low to medium traffic. Rooms with high traffic will mean the light is constantly being triggered to turn on, perhaps more so than it is off! These rooms and areas might include:

  • Closets
  • Pantries
  • Garages
  • Bathrooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Front door

If your family always remembers to turn lights switches off, motion sensors might actually cost you more to run than regular lights. For those who frequently forget, however, a sensor light will definitely help in cutting down your electricity bill. Nothing beats the convenience of a motion sensored front door light when you arrive home late at night though.

Energy Efficient Lighting Alternatives

If your household is good at remembering to turn off the light switch, perhaps consider installing energy-efficient lighting to reduce your electricity bill. The type of light bulbs you are using can have a big impact on your energy saving potential.

LED lights and CFL lights are excellent alternatives to more old-school halogen and incandescent lights. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they are also better for the environment!

LED Sensor Lights

Why not combine energy efficiency with your sensor light and install an LED sensor light? You’ll be able to reap the benefits of a motion sensor light as well as the energy efficiency and longevity of an LED light bulb.

Solar Sensor Lights

For the ultimate environmentally friendly and energy-efficient motion sensors, look no further than a solar-powered sensor light. These charge during the day so you can have motion sensor lighting at night, and save energy all times of the day!

Metropolitan Electrical Contractors know sensor lights of all kinds. For installation, services and repairs of your motion sensors, contact us today!

Published: 1 Jul, 2020

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