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How Do I Know If My House Needs Rewiring?

Ever considered if your home needs rewiring? You may not know all the signs that indicate this is necessary. If so, read on for a detailed look at what you need to look out for.

What is Home Rewiring?

In order to keep your family and your home safe, the electrical wiring in your home must be up to date with Australian Government standards. If you think that your home may need rewiring, a home rewire is the best course of action. Home rewiring is the process of stripping and relaying all or most of your home’s electrical wires. This can have many benefits for your everyday life, as well as improve your home’s electrical safety. It’s a process that is often an afterthought when people want to renovate or improve their home’s efficiency. This might just be because many people don’t know how to tell if their house needs a rewire or because many of the issues that poor wiring presents can be mistakenly attributed to other issues.

Here are several signs that indicate that your home may need an electrical makeover, along with the benefits of doing so.

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Flickering Lights

If you have seen flickering lights in your home, chances are you would think there’s a problem with the bulb itself. Naturally, you would go to change the lightbulb thinking that would fix it. However, this is a common sign of poor wiring and can be fixed by a home rewire. The bulb may get excessively bright or dim, meaning that there are fluctuations in the power supply, caused by faulty wiring or a loose connection.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are there to protect your wiring and electricals. When an electrical flow exceeds what the circuit breaker can handle, it will cut off the power in order to prevent any damage being done. This is obviously a good thing, but if it’s happening too often it means there is a problem with your wiring that can be fixed through rewiring.

Old Homes

Homes that are beyond 40-50 years old are most at risk of having faulty wiring or a loose connection. This is simply because wiring can degrade over time, especially with lots of use and exposure to elements such as damp, dust, dirt and anything else that lives inside the walls of an old home. The government standards for the electrical installation were also different back in the day, as they change often to keep up with technological advances. This includes the materials used and the energy efficiency of the technology. If your house is on the older side, that is 50 years old or older, and suffering from electrical problems, get it checked for rewiring today.

Powerpoints Overheating and Sparking

You don’t need us to tell you that your powerpoints are a very important part of your home’s infrastructure. So if you notice that they are overheating, or sparking, this clearly means they are a danger to you and your family. A single spark could light a fire, and overheating sockets can damage your electrical goods irreparably. You may also notice that your sockets or wires are slightly discoloured or charred. This is caused by a spark burning and fraying the wires. On top of all this, you may get a slight electrical shock when plugging or unplugging a power cord. It goes without saying this presents as a danger, especially if you have small children around. Rewiring a home means replacing the sockets and the faulty wiring that feed it, so you get fresh and freely working electrical flow.

Faint Burning Smell

This leads on from the last point and is fairly self-explanatory. If a spark is created or your wires and sockets are overheating, you may smell a slight burning smell throughout your home. Maybe you burnt the toast, maybe it’s your wires, but it’s best to get a qualified electrician in to check as soon as possible. A burning smell is never a good sign, and your wiring may put your home nad family at risk if it’s not attended to promptly

Not Enough Accessible Powerpoints

This one is less to do with safety and bad wiring, but more to do with the convenience of living in your home. If your home was built a long time ago, there’s a chance that it’s not designed well for modern living. Whether this is because of a lack of powerpoints, or poorly placed powerpoints, this can be fixed by a simple home rewire. When getting your home rewired you can choose where the outlets go for the most convenience to you, and you can also look at getting other kinds of sockets like USB and ethernet sockets placed as well. This will surely bring your home into the modern age.

Overly Expensive Power Bills

Poor wiring may also lead to inefficiency in power delivery. So if your power bills are skyrocketing with no other real explanation, this could be the issue. If the wires are sending too much power to the outlet and creating spikes and tripping the circuit, this will be reflected on your bill. A home rewire may come at a cost, but it can save you loads in the long run.

Benefits of Home Rewiring

So now we’ve gone through the various signs that you may need a home rewire. Let’s look now at why exactly you should do it. There’s a whole host of great reasons to get it done if you’re still not convinced.

First of all, knowing that you are protecting your family from potential electrical fires should be reason enough. The danger of poor wiring cannot be overlooked when it comes to safety within your home. Not only that but you also have the pleasure of knowing that you are protecting your family from electrical shocks. You do not want a family member to be injured just from plugging in a phone charger.

Having National Standard home wiring reduces insurance premiums and electricity bills. This saves you a lot of money down the track, money that can be put towards better uses. Don’t forget that brand new and fresh wiring adds value to the worth and sale price of your home. Whether it’s your home on the market or a property you’re flipping, don’t overlook a home rewire to boost value. To sum up, rewiring your home will:

  • protect your family from electrical shocks
  • decrease the risk of fires caused by sparks and overheating
  • reduce electricity bills
  • lessen home insurance premiums
  • add value to the sale price of your home

If this is a service you’re after, contact our team today at Metropolitan Electrical Contractors. We’re experts in rewiring homes with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. There’s no one you can trust more for electrical safety than Metropolitan.

Published: 30 Mar, 2020

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