Cleaning Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How to Clean the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

When it comes to writing that big bathroom cleanout checklist, don’t forget to add cleaning your ceiling exhaust fan to the list. As ceiling exhaust fan specialists, we’ll explain how to clean the bathroom exhaust fan step-by-step, so you can get the most out of it.

This often neglected part of your bathroom is important in removing odours and moisture from the room. It can even remove airborne contaminants!

If it’s covered in dust it won’t work efficiently, and you run the risk of creating the perfect environment for mould to grow. Mould is growing before you even see it. It compromises your air quality and could even be making your family sick.

Cleaning the Exhaust Fan

Your bathroom fan is made up of three major components – the cover, fan blades and motor, and the housing. To effectively clean your exhaust fan you will need to thoroughly clean all these components.

1. Ensure the Fan is Switched Off

Before you even think about starting to dismantle and clean your exhaust fan, you’ll first need to turn it off at the powerpoint or circuit breaker. While nothing bad is likely to happen, it’s worth being cautious and preventing a catastrophe where you can.

2. Remove Vent Cover

You’ll most likely need a ladder to reach the exhaust fan. Ensure it is stable and secure before climbing up and beginning cleaning.

Depending on your exhaust fan, you might have screws that you will first need to unscrew. Put these somewhere safe where you won’t lose them.

With any screws removed, you simply need to pull the vent cover straight down. You will find it is hanging from two spring clips. To remove it from these clips, squeeze the sides of the clips together and slide the hooks out of their slots. You should be able to quite easily remove the vent cover.

3. Soak the Vent Cover

The vent cover is likely caked in dust and grime and will need to be soaked in warm soapy water while you clean the other components. This will make cleaning it later a bit easier.

4. Use a Damp Cloth and Vacuum to Clean the Fan Blades and Motor

Twist the fan and motor assembly to remove it from the housing. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove the dry dust.

With this dust gone, you’ll most likely notice a cakey buildup still left over.¬†Use a damp cloth to wipe away the grimy buildup from the blades and motor.

If you’re feeling handy, don’t be afraid of further disassembling your exhaust fan and cleaning every nook and cranny.

If you aren’t able to remove the fan and motor assembly, use the cloth and vacuum to remove as much dust and debris as you can.

5. Clean out the Housing

Using your vacuum’s brush and crevice attachment, clean out the inside of the exhaust fan.

6. Wipe the Vent Cover with a Cloth

By the time you’ve cleaned the fan blades, motor and housing, the vent cover should have had enough time to soak. Wipe away the grime and buildup from the vent cover with a damp cloth.

7. Allow Parts to Air Dry

With all the parts clean, give them time to air dry.

8. Reassemble the Exhaust Fan

Once all the parts are dry, it’s time to reassemble your exhaust fan. With all the fan blades and motor back in place, spin the fan blades with your hand to ensure they don’t hit anything.

Reattach the vent cover and turn your fan back on. Give it a test run to ensure it is working as it should.

With your newly cleaned bathroom exhaust fan, air will be more effectively circulated and help prevent the growth of that dreaded mould!

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

While not a complicated job, cleaning your exhaust fan certainly isn’t something you want to be doing every week. Just how often should you be cleaning your bathroom exhaust fan then?

We recommend you clean your bathroom exhaust fan at least once a year. Adding it to your Spring cleaning checklist can be an easy way to remember it.

Your bathroom exhaust fan probably gets a work out every day. Every time you use your shower or bath with hot water, steam fills up the room and needs to be removed. If it is not getting removed, your bathroom is being filled with moisture, which bacteria and mould love to grow in.

An annual clean will help to help to keep your exhaust fan working efficiently for longer.

Is it time for a new exhaust fan? Metropolitan Electrical Contractors has a bathroom exhaust fan installer ready for same-day installation. Contact us to learn more.

Published: 25 Aug, 2020

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