Modern Powerpoint Installation Options for Any Home

When looking around the house, do you ever think about your electrical power points? Those little sockets can actually influence your daily life, dictating convenience and usability.

Too few power points and you’re fighting with the family for charging rights. Inconvenient locations force you to juggle appliances or piggyback with electrical adaptors. 

It’s not surprising that a few electrical upgrades could make all the difference. Whether it’s the introduction of modern powerpoints with USB connectivity, or some new double power points. New powerpoint installations can help you achieve a far more user-friendly home.

USB Powerpoint Convenience

It seems like every electronic device these days has some kind of USB charging cable. Your smartphone, smart watch, fitness tracker, tablet… the list goes on. The worst part is that many of these devices do not come with a power point adaptor.

Therefore, you’re left with a cable that needs an extra piece of equipment. But what if there was a way to save yourself the time and effort at home? That’s where you want a double power point with USB connectivity!

There are USB C outlets located everywhere, nowadays. From buses to airports, you can easily charge up anywhere you go. And a USB powerpoint can easily be installed in your home.

These types of power points fix existing wall cavities, although some additional rewiring may be necessary. It’s all too easy for a licensed electrician, thankfully.

With the addition of a USB C power point you can make every day life a breeze. For example, if you install one near the front door you only need a cable. You never have to rummage around for power adaptors and chargers.

Alternatively, install several power points with USB connectivity to create a charging hub. It’s a handy way to keep track of devices that belong to kids. You have a visible charging location to better control screen time. 

Power outlet with USB port

Power Point Relocation Benefits

You don’t necessarily have to upgrade to a power point with USB flexibility. Simply by relocating any number of power outlets you could achieve increased convenience at home. 

Electrical upgrades like this can make all the difference, especially in busy locations like the kitchen or living room. Just think of the perks with an additional benchtop outlet for the airfryer or Thermomix. 

Alternatively, you could flip the living space by relocating a wall socket so your television can be wall mounted in a prime viewing location. There’s no need to piggyback appliances on power adaptors, either. 

If you’re unsure as to whether relocation will help, just map out where your electronic devices and appliances currently reside. Next, map out your power point locations and see how they marry up. 

If there are gaps or too many extension cords needed, consider relocating your power points. You can also take a look at any single outlets and see whether introducing additional double outlets will make a big difference. Chances are they will.

Data Point Installation

There’s been a transformation over the years with household internet connections. From the days of dialup modems to NBN, Wi-Fi and mobile hotspotting, it feels like you don’t need to worry about cables.

Not quite. For avid gamers, those working from home, or families with smart appliances in a large home, data points are still handy. Internet data point installations mean you can run ethernet cables straight to your computer, gaming console or smart television. 

You don’t have to rely on a Wi-Fi connection that weakens the farther away you are. 

It’s also a far more sleek and seamless option then clipping cables to walls throughout the home. Your data cables travel through the walls and you have a tidy data point outlet where you need it! 

The best locations for extra data points are behind the television, in the study, or bedrooms for those studying.  

Outdoor power point perks

Outdoor Power Point Perks

Powerpoint installation doesn’t have to be limited to the inside of your home. The introduction of new outlets on external walls can make a huge impact if you love outdoor entertaining.

Waterproof outdoor power points are perfect for outdoor kitchens, power tool requirements, water pumps and more. The addition of outlets around a property means you won’t have to rely on extension cords, either. There’s no lead trailing out of the back door providing a lovely tripping hazard.

Think about where you work the most. At least one outlet around the back of your house is great. Along the driveway or even the front yard could prove helpful, too. 

And if you have a garage or shed, it’s always worth exploring whether an underground conduit can be installed by a licensed electrician. The added convenience of being able to charge power tools is a godsend. 

If you’re after the addition of any modern power point, call Metropolitan Electrical Contractors. Our licensed electricians have access to premium electrical products to suit all your needs. We are a trusted team for powerpoint installation.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

Published: 2022-08-02

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