Smart Doorbells and Why You Need One

Smart Doorbells and Why You Need One

It’s time to get smart about your home, and your security. Thankfully there’s one simple way to achieve that. A smart doorbell camera!

Also called a smart video doorbell, it’s one of the newest innovations growing in popularity. Sure, smart appliances and smart homes aren’t really a new thing anymore, but they’re not necessarily common.

Most of us still rely on old fashioned doorbells. Or, if we’re lucky, maybe a video doorbell in newer builds. But that’s not quite the same as a smart doorbell camera.

With the latest innovations, you can keep an eye on your home thanks to the doorbell in your pocket. There’ll be no surprise visitors or security lapses.

How Does a Smart Doorbell Work?

Before talking about the extras and bonus features, let’s start with the simple facts.

Smart doorbell cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and whenever someone sets off a motion sensor or rings the bell, you receive a notification on your phone.

If you already have other appliances linked to a smart home system, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, then this fits in perfectly. It could then link to any smart lighting or smart heating and cooling!

But that may be a step too far. Maybe you just want a smart doorbell to be your entry point. That’s cool. You can enjoy the simplicity of its camera, motion sensor, night vision and regular mobile phone updates.

Why Do I Need a Smart Doorbell Camera?

For a moment, we’ll leave the security aspect to the side. Firstly, your doorbell camera is a great way to see who’s at your door when you’re in the bathtub, at work or out late at night.

You can avoid the awkwardness of opening the door to an unwanted salesperson or religious visitor. Even if it’s your mother-in-law and you’re keen for a quiet morning, you can check the notification on your phone. Then you just watch the live video footage and decide to leave it as is.

When the kids are home alone it’s an extra way to ensure they’re not throwing a wild party or opening the door to potentially dangerous strangers.

Perhaps, most importantly for some of us, you can make sure the postie has delivered your parcel properly and safely.

For some advanced integration, some smart doorbells come with inbuilt thermostats. When connected to your home’s smart network you can then activate settings for heating and cooling to turn on at certain temperatures.

And likewise, if connected to smart lighting, when someone rings the bell your front porch light could turn on!

Now for the important part. Let’s talk about security.

Smart Doorbell and Your Security

While it’s already pretty handy to see who’s at the door without answering, the boost to your home’s security is an incredible feature.

Smart doorbell cameras use high definition video quality so you can clearly see what’s going on. Forget those blurry freeze-frames we used to see on Crime Stoppers. The HD quality makes you feel like you’re standing face to face.

Motion sensors capture any movement, too. For example, a burglar doesn’t even need to ring the doorbell for it to activate. The sensor will pick up their motion, send you a notification and provide instant live footage.

With other benefits like night vision and two-way audio, you can rest assured no one is sneaking past.

Where Should I Install a Smart Doorbell?

If you’re simply replacing an existing doorbell, the location shouldn’t change. But you may have the opportunity to move it around, so check what height or position is best.

No, not so you can spy on the neighbours. But just so you can have the clearest view of your front porch and catch more than a torso or random left arm.

Do You Need Wi-Fi or Electricity?

Depending on the model or brand you can connect smart doorbells to either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Here at Metropolitan Electrical Contractors, all our smart doorbell cameras in stock will easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Then you just need to install an app on your mobile phone and you’re set!

In terms of the power source, it can be battery powered or hardwired. Hardwiring a smart doorbell ensures you always have a solid electricity supply.

But, if the power does go out the battery is a secure back-up. You can also choose battery powered smart doorbells when hardwiring is not available.

And you won’t have to worry about a dead battery, either. The long lasting batteries only need recharging every three months or so, for about 4-5 hours.

Your app will then provide real time updates so you know when it needs charging. You can also check if it should be charged before a holiday!

Choose Metropolitan for your Smart Appliance Installation

Are you hoping to smarten up your home? Metropolitan Electrical Contractors provides prompt installation on any smart doorbell camera.

Contact us today for more information, or to book in a visit by one of our fully qualified and local electricians!

Published: 28 Jul, 2020

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